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Book Review: N.R. Walker’s “Three’s Company” (2015)

15928972This was a super fun read, really sweet and really enjoyable! I just love a good polyamorous tale, and this one didn’t disappoint. Ahh, the magic of fiction: how wonderful to have the perfect future third member of your relationship just wander into your hotel, ready for hot sex, fun times, and of course love. The personalities and needs of the three boys contrasted and complimented each other nicely, being perfectly designed to mesh together. Adam and Simon were a sweet couple, but they wanted MORE, and they needed Wil to complete and fulfil them. The development of their relationship AND of the three characters individually was really well-written and deeply satisfying.

I was surprised and pleased to find the story continue well past the standard ending of “I love you, let’s be together forever”. The larger plot went on to show just how well our three boys work together in a professional context as well, and how the three of them fight together to secure a home and world for themselves where they can live openly and freely. With Wil coming from a deeply homophobic small town and Adam having been disowned by his homophobic parents, there’s a definite undercurrent in the story of the ongoing battle for acceptance and freedom. And so even though this story is definitely a lighter read, full of feel-good feelings, it still felt like the characters and plot were really well thought-out.

The sex scenes were lovely and satisfying, both hot and emotional. I appreciated how the author incorporated aftercare into these scenes, really simply and unobtrusively, with the three characters- particularly ringleader Simon- paying attention to how each member of the threesome felt after their encounters, making sure that they were physically and emotionally okay. It was a really nice touch, and such a good example of how these really positive things like open communication and aftercare can definitely enhance, not detract, from the overall sexiness of sex scenes.

I’ve been reading quite a lot of author Walker’s works recently, and I’m just so impressed by her ability to craft interesting, well-developed characters that spark off each other so nicely. Even this book, which has a definite lighter, ‘good-time’ feel than her others, has some really lovely messages about being gay and finding acceptance. I’m rapidly becoming a huge fan of this author, and I’d definitely recommend her works to anyone!

{Summary from}

When he started looking for someone to help heal his broken heart, Wilson Curtis never dreamed he’d find two someones. Love isn’t always conventional.

After being publicly outed leaves his restaurant business in tatters, and being dumped by his closeted boyfriend, Wilson Curtis goes to Key West alone where he meets Simon and Adam. Fascinated by this couple, he strikes up conversation and is soon invited into their bed for some holiday fun.

But once isn’t enough, and the offer is extended for the remainder of his stay. As they get to know each other, in and out of the bedroom, sparks fly and ten days is all it takes to change their lives.

When it comes time for Wil to leave, with outside tensions closing in and time running out, tempers flare and emotions fray. Beneath the misunderstandings and lack of communication is the realization these three men aren’t ready to say goodbye.

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