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Book Review: Angel Martinez’s “Wild Rose, Silent Snow”(2016)


Wild Rose is a dreamy, cozy, fairy-tale read, wonderfully domestic and homey, with a swift, satisfying plot. The book’s wintery setting, with the snow outside and warmth inside, heightens the magic. The brothers seem all but cut off from the outside world in their rural home surrounded by trees and ice. They seem to be under some strange, isolating spell, which makes the appearance of the bear all that more magical. The mystery of Bear and the other compelling, intriguing strangers who appear form the main action of the story.

At the heart of the story is the caring, empathetic relationship between the two brothers. Though over the course of the book both brothers have their own love interests, it’s their friendship and connection that provides the most warmth. With one brother who struggles to talk, and another who struggles to read, the two rely on each other to get by and to be each other’s best friend. If only we could all have such a person looking out for us, someone who’s totally devoted to us!

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