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Book Review: Kaje Harper’s “Tracefinder: Changes” (Tracefinder #2) (2016)

30047519There’s nothing as satisfying as being able to read the sequel of an amazing book as soon as you’ve finish the first! I tried to show some self-restraint and wait at least a day before I bought this book, but of course I didn’t succeed. I jumped straight into this sequel and read non-stop until it was done. No regrets!

Even though it’s Brian’s needs that form most of the action and plot of this book, I felt that Nick’s journey and development was given a lot of attention as well. His self-identity as a cop is slowly, torturously stripped away, and he has some very hard questions to ask himself about what he wants- what he needs- in life, and where his true priorities and desires lie. I think that the author has done a very good job at balancing these two very complicated characters, at such a complicated time of their lives. Both the development of them as individuals and the development of their relationship are treated with great skill and care.

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book reviews · m/m romance

Book Review: Kaje Harper’s “Tracefinder: Contact” (Tracefinder #1) (2016)

28357990Woo-hoo, I have a new author obsession!! Harper’s writing is fantastic, and there’s so many books for me to look forward to reading! I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to discover Kaje Harper. Tracefinder is my first Harper book, and I was hooked from the very first chapter.

This book has all the best qualities of the “cop drama”: the cop talk, inter-departmental tension and intrigue, the undercover mission that’s soon compromised by the feelings of the cop for those he’s trying to catch out. Chilli dogs. Dodgy bars. So good!

But importantly, it also stands out from the crowd of M/M romance in a number of ways. The author doesn’t give us two mouth-wateringly attractive, burly men; we have the (admittedly, very attractive) Nick and- Brian. Ahh, Brian. I adored him. I think many readers will as well. I wanted to protect him and give him all the good things in the world. But he’s certainly not the standard love-interest, and that is excellent.

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book reviews · m/m romance

Book Review: Dani Alexander’s “Shattered Glass” (2012)

8600eb1eedefebcd92fbf98d2c62871e0733775cYou won’t be able to put this one down! I absolutely loved it. There is no black-and-white in this story, and the author definitely pushes buttons and crosses lines. Austin and Peter’s emotional lives and power balances become entangled almost at once and draw in those around them as well, creating a fast-paced, frenetic, and almost feverish plot. There’s barely a moment to catch your breath before it’s onto the next crisis, the next plot twist or revelation.

I was admittedly frustrated at the beginning of this book, during Austin’s “but I’m not gay” phase. I have a definite preference for characters that are wholly, or almost wholly, accepting of their sexuality- whatever that may be- and the issue of being “gay” is just, well, not an issue. But I carried on with the story, and came to accept that Austin’s traumatic experiences as a teenager have affected his sexuality to the extent that he’s avoided any meaningful relationships with men- even friendships. Austin’s personal revelations are about more than just being “gay”, and indeed that becomes much less important as his journey goes on. That journey is more about accepting that his past traumas have shaped his life in ways he wouldn’t have thought possible.

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