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Book Review: N.R. Walker’s “Learning to Feel” (2012)

25908759I’m rapidly making my way through everything N.R. Walker’s ever written, and this book was quite a treat. I definitely have a weakness for “starting a new life” stories, particularly when that new life involves charming small towns and adorable dogs- not to mention adorable love interests.

I really enjoyed reading about Nathan’s journey. I would identify him as demisexual- i.e. he’s generally not interested in sex until he finds someone he has a real connection with. I liked how Nathan didn’t seem too bothered by his lack of interest in sex before he met Trent; even though he knew he was unhappy and wasn’t content with his life, he didn’t blame his unhappiness entirely on his sexual differences. His general acceptance and lack of judgement of his libido was a nice touch and something I really appreciated. Of course it’s very confusing for him when his libido suddenly goes into overdrive upon meeting Trent, and I think this new and unfamiliar development for him is really well thought-out and written by the author. The chemistry between the two characters and their emotional connection was thoroughly enjoyable.

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