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Ava March’s “Convincing Arthur” (2009) & “Convincing Leopold” (2011)


24587277I thoroughly enjoyed both these books! They were fun, steamy, and ultimately sweet. The writing is of a very high standard and the characters are excellent. The pacing is perfect- there’s never a dull moment, and the plot moves along swiftly. The first book has a solid conclusion, but I am sure readers will be eager to get into the sequel as soon as possible, which brings Arthur and Leopold’s story to a very satisfying end. (I have to admit that I assumed the third book in this series, Convincing the Secretary, was also about our boys and I was pretty disappointed that it wasn’t- though it’s still a great book in itself!)

These books may be closer to m/m erotica than m/m romance, but I still think that the relationship between Arthur and Leopold was quite well thought-out and well-developed, with each character facing their own demons and making choices about the kind of lives they want to live. Despite Leopold’s charismatic, outgoing personality, he has a very soft, vulnerable side that I think readers will really respond to. His internal darkness is addressed more explicitly in the second book, and I really appreciated how the author handled it. Arthur is much, much more reserved, and has a lot more to lose by letting himself be with Leopold. It takes courage on his part to follow his heart.

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