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Book Review: N.R. Walker’s “Three’s Company” (2015)

15928972This was a super fun read, really sweet and really enjoyable! I just love a good polyamorous tale, and this one didn’t disappoint. Ahh, the magic of fiction: how wonderful to have the perfect future third member of your relationship just wander into your hotel, ready for hot sex, fun times, and of course love. The personalities and needs of the three boys contrasted and complimented each other nicely, being perfectly designed to mesh together. Adam and Simon were a sweet couple, but they wanted MORE, and they needed Wil to complete and fulfil them. The development of their relationship AND of the three characters individually was really well-written and deeply satisfying.

I was surprised and pleased to find the story continue well past the standard ending of “I love you, let’s be together forever”. The larger plot went on to show just how well our three boys work together in a professional context as well, and how the three of them fight together to secure a home and world for themselves where they can live openly and freely. With Wil coming from a deeply homophobic small town and Adam having been disowned by his homophobic parents, there’s a definite undercurrent in the story of the ongoing battle for acceptance and freedom. And so even though this story is definitely a lighter read, full of feel-good feelings, it still felt like the characters and plot were really well thought-out.

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Book Review: N.R. Walker’s “Learning to Feel” (2012)

25908759I’m rapidly making my way through everything N.R. Walker’s ever written, and this book was quite a treat. I definitely have a weakness for “starting a new life” stories, particularly when that new life involves charming small towns and adorable dogs- not to mention adorable love interests.

I really enjoyed reading about Nathan’s journey. I would identify him as demisexual- i.e. he’s generally not interested in sex until he finds someone he has a real connection with. I liked how Nathan didn’t seem too bothered by his lack of interest in sex before he met Trent; even though he knew he was unhappy and wasn’t content with his life, he didn’t blame his unhappiness entirely on his sexual differences. His general acceptance and lack of judgement of his libido was a nice touch and something I really appreciated. Of course it’s very confusing for him when his libido suddenly goes into overdrive upon meeting Trent, and I think this new and unfamiliar development for him is really well thought-out and written by the author. The chemistry between the two characters and their emotional connection was thoroughly enjoyable.

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Book Review: N.R. Walker’s “Imago” (2017)

34342184This was a truly striking read, one I would recommend to anyone- shout from the rooftops, in fact- and not just to fans of m/m romance! The plot, pacing, and emotional depth were exceptional, and the characters were lively and likeable. This book had me hooked right from the summary- a geeky butterfly expert? A rugged wilderness ranger? The Tasmanian bushland?! I could not buy and download this book fast enough! I read it within a day and it was fantastic.

N.R. Walker writes amazing characters. Lawson is a precious boy and I adored him. He’s comfortable in his own skin and his own style (bowties! suspenders!), and is living exactly the life he wants, doggedly pursuing his purpose- and he doesn’t give a single flying f**k if his purpose (namely, butterflies) seems a little strange to others. Or, indeed, if he himself seems strange to others. It’s clear he’s not one to compromise. He might be mildly lonely, but he sure as hell isn’t interested in anyone who doesn’t accept who he is. I think he’s actually quite surprised- in disbelief, in fact- when Jack seems to be SO entirely accepting and even in awe of who he is. But even with Jack’s overt, overwhelming attempts to court him, he’s not going to let this charismatic, strong-willed guy just get his own way. Lawson has standards, and those standards need to be met before he’ll give any of himself away. Of course it’s utterly adorable to see Lawson’s surprise and delight at Jack’s efforts to impress and please him, and it’s lovely to read about the two of them gradually getting closer.

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