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Book Review: R. Cooper’s “A Little Familiar” (2015)

26862609Reading A Little Familiar is like curling up on an armchair with a fluffy blanket and drinking a warm, sweet cup of tea. It’s the kind of book that’s best read on a rainy, lazy day. It will leave you feeling contentedly blissed-out and at ease with the world. …or, at least, that’s how I felt when I read it!

Cooper’s book is unapologetically domestic, taking place almost entirely within Piotr’s home- and a cosy, warm place it is! An apple orchard out the back, a wooden porch covered in cats, fresh bread and muffins in the oven- it’s utterly charming. And the characters are just as charming: silent, stalwart, steadfast Piotr and quick, bright, glittering Bartleby. As much as poor Bartleby’s name irked me, that character himself was delightful- all sparking, bold, gender-fluidity. The chemistry between them is fantastic, with the two characters sparking against each other from the very beginning. There’s no mystery here: it’s clear what will happen, and when it does you’ll enjoy it. A lot.

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